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Sterling Silver Collection

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Colorful Rhinestone Pendant Necklace
Sterling Teardrop Necklace
Rainbow Heart Necklace
2 Available Colors
Starry Skies Necklace
2 Available Colors
Sterling Silver ,Lovely Jewel Station Necklace
2 Available Colors
Star Moon Stud Earring Set
Mini Dotted Studs Earring Set
Colorful Rhinestone Studded Hoop Earrings
Eye of Protection Layered Necklace
2 Available Colors
Pave Penguin Necklace
Pave Trim Religious Necklace
Triple Stone Layered Necklace
3 Available Colors
North Star Jewel Necklace
Dainty Jewel Lariat Necklace
2 Available Colors
Jewel Barrel Necklace
Center Gem Stud Set
Elephant Jewel Charm Necklace
Bead Cluster Lariat Necklace
Lovely Jewel Station Necklace
3 Available Colors
Texas State Pendant Necklace
Opulent Jewel Drop Lariat Necklace.
3 Available Colors
Dainty Moon Crescent Charm Necklace.
Heart Stone Pendant Necklace.
Encrusted Gems Evil Eye Necklace.
Arrowhead Jewel Pendant Necklace.
3 Available Colors
Love Jewel Pendant Necklace
Glitzy Horn Necklace
3 Available Colors
Jewel Encrusted Sunburst Pendant Necklace.
Jagged Bar Pendant Necklace
2 Available Colors
Opal Star Pendant necklace.
Starrry Eyed Charm Necklace
Dainty Pineapple Pendant Necklace.
3 Available Colors
Anchor Jewel Necklace
Elegant Arrowhead Jewel Pendant Necklace.
Heart Stone Pendant Necklace.
Jeweled Heart Drop Bar Necklace.
Pave Crystal Unicorn Pendant Necklace
2 Available Colors
Dainty Jewel Heart Lariat Necklace.
2 Available Colors
Round Stone Charm Necklace
Classic Jewel Ring Pendant Necklace.
Lightning Bolts & Stars Choker.
2 Available Colors
Opulent Jewel Coins & Stars Choker.
Jewel Encrusted Bar Necklace.
Dimpled Coins Trim Necklace.
Jewel Moon Crescent Necklace.
3 Available Colors
Circular Cut Out Pendant Necklace.
Center Jewel Evil Eye Necklace.
3 Available Colors
Drop Down Gleaming Stone Necklace.
2 Available Colors
Jewel Star Coin Pendant Necklace.
Mismatched Sterling Silver Earring Set
2 Available Colors
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