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Sterling Silver Collection

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Jewel Hamsa Lariat Necklace
Bead Cluster Lariat Necklace
Lovely Jewel Station Necklace
Texas State Pendant Necklace
Diamond Burst Filigree Ring
Protecting Eye Lariat Necklace
Dainty Moon Crescent Charm Necklace.
Opulent Jewel Drop Lariat Necklace.
3 Available Colors
Teardrop Stone Charm Necklace.
Heart Stone Pendant Necklace.
Jewel Starburst Dangle Earrings.
2 Available Colors
Encrusted Gems Evil Eye Necklace.
2 Available Colors
Arrowhead Jewel Pendant Necklace.
3 Available Colors
Opulent Opal Stone Drop Earrings.
2 Available Colors
Rise and Shine Opal Earrings
Love Jewel Pendant Necklace
Enchanting Semi-Circle Pendant Necklace.
Jewel Encrusted Sunburst Pendant Necklace.
3 Available Colors
Glitzy Horn Necklace
Star Eye Necklace
Opal Hamsa Pendant Necklace.
Jagged Bar Pendant Necklace
2 Available Colors
Rosary Cross Pendant Necklace
Starrry Eyed Charm Necklace
Mismatched Sterling Silver Earring Set
2 Available Colors
Audrey Earring Set
Charming Sterling Silver Earring Set
Jeweled Heart Drop Bar Necklace.
Anchor Jewel Necklace
Opal Heart Pendant Necklace.
3 Available Colors
Elegant Arrowhead Jewel Pendant Necklace.
Pave Crystal Unicorn Pendant Necklace
2 Available Colors
Dainty Jewel Heart Lariat Necklace.
2 Available Colors
Classic Jewel Ring Pendant Necklace.
Classy Boho Leaf Pendant Necklace.
2 Available Colors
Dainty Pineapple Pendant Necklace.
3 Available Colors
Opal Star Pendant necklace.
Heart Stone Pendant Necklace.
Opal Palm Tree Pendant Necklace.
2 Available Colors
Round Stone Charm Necklace
Lightning Bolts & Stars Choker.
Opulent Jewel Coins & Stars Choker.
Jewel Encrusted Bar Necklace.
Dimpled Coins Trim Necklace.
Jewel Outlined Opal Stone Necklace.
Jewel Moon Crescent Necklace.
3 Available Colors
Jewel Moon Crescent Necklace.
Mixed Jewels & Opal Stone Necklace.
Jewel Hamsa Pendant Necklace.
Opal Stone Stud Earring Set.
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